Cizko Quevedo

Cizko is a Writer-Director and Cinematographer of Cinema. Independent visual artist, specialized in narrative production. Cizko is a Los Angeles born creative from Compton who’s parents hailed from Mexico. First generation American, At the age of 12 Cizko garnered the attention of his teachers for his writing capabilities. This would foreshadow the path Cizko would take moving forward. Raised in a dangerous neighborhood, Cizko would romanticize life around him, poeticize view of the world through the scope of altered reality. He fell in love with Cinema before he knew so. At age thirteen he decided to pursuit it. Cinema represented what he considered to be the freest of Art forms. A way to channel many inspirations into one. It related closest to the way he imagined day-to-day life. Cizko's Artistic influences are: Jean Luc Goddard, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcece, Charles Bukowski, Bobby Dylan, Tupac Shakur and the French New Wave era. He maintains a rebellious essence in his approach to work and Art, inspired by monumental Rebels that came before him; stated above.